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Vehicle TypeAll Tyre of Tractors
MaterialSolid Rubber
DesignSolid Cushion Tyre
Diameter940MM, 970MM, 1300 MM,1600MM,1800MM,2100MM
Size100mm width

Minimum order quantity: 16 Piece

Narrow Solid Rubber Tyre or Narrow Solid Tractor Tyre are specialized Tyres  are designed to with stand the demanding conditions of agricultural applications while Providing optimal performance, stability, and durability. In this context, their importance is Particularly highlighted in the context of boom sprayers & Other Tractor Implements which are used Extensively in modern farming practices.
Here are some key features and benefits of tractor rubber solid tires for agricultural Equipment:
Durability: Tractor rubber solid tires are built to withstand the harsh conditions found in agricultural environments. They are made from high-quality rubber compounds that offer exceptional resistance to punctures, cuts, and abrasions, reducing the risk of tire damage during operation. This durability ensures minimal downtime and maximizes productivity in the field.
Load-bearing capacity: Agricultural boom sprayers are heavy machinery, and the tires must be able to support their weight. Tractor rubber solid tires are designed with a high load-bearing capacity to accommodate the weight of the boom sprayer, its tank, and the chemicals it carries. This capability ensures safe and efficient operation without compromising the performance of the equipment.
Stability and traction:When operating a boom sprayer, stability and traction are crucial for even application and maneuverability. Tractor rubber solid tires offer excellent stability and traction on various terrains, including wet, muddy, or uneven surfaces. They provide a solid grip and minimize slippage, allowing the operator to maintain control and accurately navigate through the fields.
Reduced maintenance: Unlike pneumatic (air-filled) tires, tractor rubber solid tires are puncture-proof, eliminating the risk of flats or blowouts. This feature reduces maintenance requirements, as there is no need to constantly check and adjust tire pressure. Additionally, solid tires are not susceptible to leaks, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
Longevity: Tractor rubber solid tires are known for their longevity and extended service life. They are designed to endure the demanding conditions of agricultural operations, resisting wear and tear caused by prolonged use and exposure to various elements. This longevity contributes to cost savings over time, as fewer tire replacements are needed.
In conclusion, tractor rubber solid tires are essential components for agricultural boom sprayers. Their durability, load-bearing capacity, stability, traction, reduced maintenance, and longevity make them the ideal choice for this specific application. By choosing the right tires, farmers and operators can enhance the efficiency and productivity of their boom sprayers while ensuring reliable performance in the field


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